1.  No need to remember long details of the address to this site.     
  3.  Just type amateurscientifics.uk into Google or your browser.

  4.  Many pages include long blank spaces which enable focusing on specific points/concepts etc                       during discussion sessions in a hall for projection onto a screen.  

  5.  The word Talk  is in the process of being removed. 
  7.  The site is the basis for discussion and individual use.  

  8.  Pages set out with this numbering system enable readers to refer to specifics in discussion and emails etc

Preliminary notes 

  1. The website includes material for individual study and group discussion.

  2.  Many of us in academe I've been retired since 2001 when leading a discussion will have masses in reserve.

  3. So that we understand the solar system in some small way, it is appropriate to look much wider into the nature etc of the universe and how/when the solar system was set up..

  4. The emphasis is on participation and questions and comments are fully welcomed at any stage. 

  5. The order of pages as set out here may change during the session. 

  6. Not all pages will have been shown or referred to.  The website exists as an after-discussion resource.

  7. Some pages contain large spaces between entries so that entries can be displayed on the projector screen.

  8. Quotations may come from books, journals, the internet and their source may be given as appropriate.  

  9. The same applies to graphics.  However, many of them come from within this website system.

  10. The website will show at the top of your screen as “Various Uses” or "Amateur Scientifics".

  11. Readers are invited to contact the author on any topic. here